Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pasta and Chicken ( The way I like it)

I should probably thank the guy at the pasta bar from where I usually get lunch. Seeing him make pasta, I realized it was simple enough to try at home . Thank you Pasta guy :)

1. Pasta
2. Chicken
3. Veggies (preferabaly put in veggies you normaly dont eat) Brocolli, celery, carrots, onions
4. Pasta Sauce ( Tomato Marinara will be my safe bet)
5. Salt
6. Pepper
7. Garlic

Cooking Time - 30 mins

1. Boil your pasta till its tender . Add a little salt while boiling so it gets some flavour.

2. Pressure cook your chicken.  (or) Grill your chicken - whichever works

3. Cut chicken into equal sized small pieces .

4. Cut all veggies. Slice the onions. Dont dice them.

5. Mince the garlic cloves.

6. In a vessel, take a little oil (you can chose olive oil, but I make it with regular) just enough to cook your chicken and veggies. Safe bet - 1 tablespoon

7. Add the minced garlic.

8. After like half a minute add the onions, veggies and chicken

9. Open cook them for 2-4 mins.

10. Add the pasta sauce to the veggies and toss it .

11. Finaly drain the water and add the boiled pasta.

12. Let it cook on medium flame for 3-5 mins.

13. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper for desired taste.

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