Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spanish omelette

One of the things I can never get right is flipping an omelet. It is such a rare occurrence that I congratulate myself if I make a whole omelet ;)


1. Eggs - (2/3)

2. Tomato -1

3. Potato - 1

4. Mixed veggies - 1 cup

5. Onion - 1

6. Cilantro - optional

7. Salt & Pepper -to taste


1. Boil potato , peel it and cut into medium sized pieces

2. Boil mixed veggies for 5 mins in the micro wave

3. In a bowl add eggs and beat well.

4. Add all diced tomato, potato, mixed veggies to the eggs .

5. Take  tea spoon of oil in a frying pan and pour the egg mixture once its hot. Allow to cook thoroughly on one side before flipping

6. You can also add green chillies, coriander for the desi flavor.


1. You can fry your potato pieces instead of boiling them. Or better yet, add some french fries and go easy on the extra salt.

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