Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stir Fry (Indian Style)

If you are looking for something quick to make after a long day's work, this is the perfect choice.

 Cooking Time: 5 mins + Cooking Rice (15 mins)
 Preparation Time : 5 mins

 1. Mixed veggies - 1 cup

 2. Cooked Rice - 1.5 cups

 3. Oil - 1 tbsp

 4. Cumin Seeds


 1. Microwave you mixed veggies for about 2-3 mins.

 2. In a wok, add the tbsp of oil and heat it.

 3. Add cumin seeds, once they splutter add the mixed veggies and sir fry for mins on medium flame.

 4. Now , add rice to the veggies and mix well.

 5. Add salt and pepper for taste.

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