Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Potato - Mixed Vegetable Salad

I have been trying to eat healthy. More vegetables and meat and cutting down on rice and wheat. The only problem was, I dint feel I was equating my share of carbs. So I decided to add some potato to my vegetables and the result is this.
Go for this recipe if you are a sucker for colorful food like i am. The best part its naturally colored ;)


1. Potato - 1

2. Tomato - 1

3. Celery sticks - 2

4. Bell Pepper - 1

5. Carrots - 2

6. Parsley / coriander - 2 sprigs

7. Cucumber - 1

8. Olive oil - 2 tbsp

9. Slat & Pepper

10. Lime - 1 wedge

Preparation Time : 15- 20 mins


1. Boil the potato until its fork tender. Take it out, peel and mash it up using a tea spoon of olive oil , pepper and lime juice.

2.Cut all the other vegetables into the smallest size possible (mince) . Take them in a bowl and toss well with remaining olive oil and any seasoning you might like(pepper/oregano).

3. On a plate, arrange the mashed potato as a base and cover it up with some vegetables.

4. Season with pepper/ salt as per taste.

Note: You can make layers of potato and vegetables or you can mix it all up.

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