Friday, December 23, 2011

Chicken Curry

One of the easiest dishes to make. And, my all time favorite.


Chicken - 3 pounds
Onions - 3
Green Chillies - 5
Tomato - 1 (optional)
Ginger Garlic Paste
Garam Masala
Chicken Curry Masala(MDH)
Cloves - 2
Bay Leaf - 1

Preparation time : 45 mins

1. Cut the chicken into small pieces. Clean thoroughly with water.
2. Drain the water completely from the chicken, Marinate it with salt, chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, 1 spoon of garam masala. Keep the marinade aside.
3. Dice the onions, And Slice green chillies.
4. Take oil in a pan, add bay leaves, cloves and cinammon. Also add onions and green chillies
5. Allow them to cook for a while, once the onions turn pink and you see oil on the top, add a spoon of ginger garlic paste, Mix well.
6. You can add the diced tomatoes now.
7. Once the gravy is cooked, add the chicken pieces to it.
8. Mix them well with the gravy and close the lid.
9. Keep mix the curry every 5-8 mins.
10. Check for salt, spice and add according to taste if needed.
11. Sprinkle coriander at the end.

Serve with rice and rasam :)

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